I am encouraging young people to think about creating a set time that they do homework or study, bearing in mind when they feel they work best and the other commitments they have in their lives.

My approach to this is to be as realistic as possible – to cross out the time they are not in the house or having dinner, visiting relatives – the usual stuff of life.

I am also encouraging them to cross out time that they will have purely for relaxing – everyone needs down time and when a young person says to me they will study on a Friday evening I just don’t think it will happen.  I encourage all young people to cross out Friday evening and relax!

Here is the rough timetable they are using, the timing headings are deliberately vague so they can add their own times like 5 – 7pm or 6 – 8pm for example.  Studying timetable

After the summer holidays I will be encouraging everyone to create their personal electronic calendar for weekly use – don’t worry – this will be revised closer to exam time!

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