In S1- S2Mathematics aim to provide all pupils with the opportunity to learn the tools and skills required to succeed not only in their S4/5/6 certificate classes but also beyond school in wider society.

From S1 onwards pupils it is our aim to ensure that each pupils Maths class is at a level where they feel challenged but at a level that they are able to cope with.


An online dictionary may be useful to pupils:

Maths Dictionary


To improve problem solving skills and apply everything learnt in class the UK Mathematical Trust runs a maths challenge every year. This is a link to previous test papers with answers which will provide a challenge:

Maths Challenge Problems


The nrich project aims to enrich the mathematical experience of all learners. Their website has amazing problems and games for all levels:

N Rich Maths


Super Maths World provides a wide range of revision and games which are excellent practise for all abilities. The login details can be obtained from your teacher:

Super Maths World