The following topics are covered in the Numeracy unit:

  • Number
    • Add and subtract integers
    • Non-calculator multiplication
    • Non-calculator division
    • Round answers to one significant figure or 2 decimal places
    • Find simple percentage and fraction of shapes and quantities
    • Calculate percentage increase and decrease
    • Equivalence of fractions, decimals and percentages
    • Calculate ratio and direct proportion
    • Calculate a rate
    • Calculate distance given speed and time


    • Calculate time intervals in 12 and 24 hour clock
    • Volume of cube and cuboid
    • Area of square and rectangle
    • Perimeter of shapes (straight sides)
    • Use measuring instruments to measure length, volume, weight and temperature
    • Read a scale with un-numbered divisions
    • Interpret measurements and their degree of accuracy
    • Convert between different units of measurement
    • Make comparisons of length, weight, area and temperature
    • Give reasons for decisions based on calculations


    • Extract, interpret and make decisions based on data from tables, charts, graphs and diagrams
    • Make decisions based on patterns and trends in data
    • Make decisions based on probability


National 4 Numeracy Revision Pack

National 4 Numeracy Revision