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Welcome to our new 'SQA News' section for pupils and parents of Dunblane High School. This section will give regular updates on SQA matters for all our SQA candidates

The SQA Coordinator for Dunblane High School is Mr M Shaw (DHT)



For all our SQA Candidates  -

what you achieve the day of your exam will remain your mark. 

Estimate Grades are submitted to the SQA. They are used in determining grade boundaries and derived grades with the SQA as well as being essential for any Exceptional Circumstances Consideration that may apply pre-results in case of candidate illness etc..

Estimates are not soley based on a 'one off' Mock examination. These grades are an accumulation of evidence of attainment over a limited period of time to include the Mock exam, coursework, class tests etc.

Estimates are not a clear prediction of how we anticipate our students to perform in SQA examinations (not all the course has been completed at the time of submission), nor is it any guarantee of the same level of success in August 2018. 


they are working hard from now on and continue to do so right up to the day of the exam

they are generating good and convincing class evidence 

they are taking advantage of every piece of advice offered and each opportunity for support 

they are well prepared for Mock examinations

they are well prepared for their SQA examinations                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


STIRLING COUNCIL GUIDELINES:  Post Result Services MAY be requested where

The school holds clear and compelling evidence that there is a reasonable possibility that an error may have occurred with the marking or totalling of marks in a candidate’s examination script.  

That is, the candidate’s final grade is markedly at odds with the totality of assessment evidence gathered during the course and out of line with the performance of other pupils with similar profiles.

THE ABOVE CRITERIA will be applied fairly and consistently across all Stirling schools. 


Post Result Services will NOT be requested where

  • The candidates’s final grade is in line with the estimate submitted to SQA and the expectation of the school based on performance throughout the course.

  • The final award is within the same grade as that predicted by the assessment evidence held by the school.  Example: School Estimate Grade B, band 3.  Candidate achieves Grade B, band 4

  • The candidates’s performance has shown inconsistencies during the year such that the final award falls within the range of performance evidenced

  • The candidate’s original estimate is found to be overly optimistic in the light of the actual performance of the class cohort in the examination.

  • A request is made on the grounds that a component mark is simply near the borderline of a higher band or grade .

  • A pupil is one or two marks off an improved grade but their final garde is in line with their estimate.


If the school were considering submitting a CLERICAL CHECK or MARKING REVIEW we will contact BOTH the parents and candidates for their WRITTEN PERMISSION to do so, prior to any submission being made.

Note that, consent must be given with the knowledge that, as a result of a Marking Review, results may GO UP or GO DOWN.


If you wish a better understanding of the layout and information contained in your Scottish Qualification Certificate (SQC) the following presentation will take you through all the different sections to help you understand more clearly



Visit the UCAS link below as regards all you need to know about clearing

or call  0871 468 0468 for some expert help and advice!

SDS is offering a free dedicated exam HELPLINE from today to offer advice and support to young people recieving their SQA results as well as their parents or carers. Advisers will be on hand to give the latest information on UCAS course vacancies, confirmation and clearing.

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