Main Exam Diet




If you signed up for MySQA you'll get your results from 8 am on 7 August. Your certificate will arrive on 7 August too. If it doesn't, call the school and they can tell you your results.


Contact the SQA Candidate Advice Line - available from 7-10 August - for help regarding your certificate:


You will receive your results in one of two ways.

Either delivered in the mail by your friendly postman or if you’ve previously signed up to MySQA, sent by email or text.

This is a great idea (especially if you’re going to be away on holiday on the day) as the emails and texts are sent out in batches from 1am up to the latest at 9am.

This can be crucial in managing the ‘waking early syndrome’ that can happen to the best of us on results day! 

Your SQA results will feature an SQC (Scottish Qualification Certificate), which is a record of all your past achievements (you’ll sometime see this referred to as a summary of attainment) along with a covering letter, a detailed record of this year’s attainment and a core skills profile.



Please keep your SQC in a safe place as this acts as proof of your achieved results.

If you’re waiting on these results for a UCAS college or university place, the great news is that the Scottish Qualification Authority will automatically send these results to UCAS at the same time.







1) In the event of absence from an SQA Examination

If your son/daughter is absent from an SQA examination in the event of illness, family bereavement etc, the school MUST BE INFORMED as soon as reasonably possible.

In the case of illness a medical certificate is required from a GP no later than 3 days after the date of the 'missed examination' taking place. This should be delivered to the school office for the attention of Mrs Wilkinson DHT/SQA.

It should be noted that 'Exceptional Absentee Consideration' requires evidence of attainment to be sent to SQA by the school. It is important that candidates in this situation have achieved 'robust' evidence of working at this level through most of their coursework, including their 'MOCK' and 'verification' examinations that session.

The following are not deemed acceptable absentee requests for consideration by SQA:

  • the candidate is on holiday
  • the candidate is attending a wedding
  • the candidate is attending a trial for a club sports team
  • the candidate is attending film/tv/music auditions
  • candidate is moving house
  • the candidate slept in and therefore late for an examination

Where reasonably possible it is advisable for all students to make every effort to be present for all examinations to ensure they reach their potential!



a) Exam conduct

The people responsible for supervising the exams on SQA’s behalf are called  ‘Invigilators’. Candidates must follow any instructions they are given by any of our team of Invigilators.

The Chief Invigilator for Dunblane High school is: Mrs Irene Bruce

 The following script is taken from the annually distributed SQA booklet  'Your Exams' and applies to all examination:

 'Any improper conduct and actions that cause a disturbance during the exam will be reported to SQA and investigated. You may be issued with a warning, lose your right to an assessment appeal, lose marks, have your exam entry in the subject concerned cancelled or, in extreme circumstances, have all your exam entries cancelled'

b) Items BANNED from SQA examination rooms include:

mobile phones/Smartphones/Apple Watches etc
music/MP3 player
calculator — except in specified subjects
dictionary — except in specified subjects
cases — calculator or pencil, etc (unless transparent)
books, notes, sketches, paper of any kind & spellckecker
fizzy or energy drinks, sweets etc.

Bottled water is permitted at all examinations