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School Uniform




Wearing the school uniform:


  • plays a vital role in the safety of all our young people by allowing staff to recognise unwelcome visitors to the school.
  • indicates a sense of pride and identification with the school;
  • helps pupils form or enhance positive attitudes to school and school work;
  • protects our young people from the damaging impact of social distinction and ‘competitive’ dressing;
  • promotes the school's identity in the community;
  • assists staff in the task of supervising pupils;

Our formal school uniform is:


Blue DHS badged blazer ; white school shirt; DHS striped or plain blue tie; DHS logo'd blue knitwear; black school trousers or skirt; black school shoes.


Black DHS badged blazer with blue braiding; white school shirt; black DHS tie; DHS logo'd blue knitwear, black school trousers or skirt.

We are very proud of Dunblane High School and all those who attend and we hope that we can work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that all young people wear the suitable and appropriate school wear at all times.

We recognise that, particularly in the winter months, various outdoor garments will be required to be worn by young people whilst they make their journey to and from school.  These garments will not be permitted to be worn when in school and should be stored appropriately.

Online ordering is now available -there is a link on the homepage of this website.