School Uniform



A rigorous approach to uniform has applied since August 2011.

Wearing the school uniform:


  • plays a vital role in the safety of all our young people by allowing staff to recognise unwelcome visitors to the school.
  • indicates a sense of pride and identification with the school;
  • helps pupils form or enhance positive attitudes to school and school work;
  • protects our young people from the damaging impact of social distinction and ‘competitive’ dressing;
  • promotes the school's identity in the community;
  • assists staff in the task of supervising pupils;

Our formal school uniform is:


Blue DHS badged blazer ; white school shirt; DHS striped or plain blue tie; DHS logo'd blue knitwear; black school trousers or skirt; black school shoes.


Black DHS badged blazer with blue braiding; white school shirt; black DHS tie; DHS logo'd blue knitwear, black school trousers or skirt.


There are forms of dress which are unacceptable in school, such as items of clothing which:

  • potentially encourage faction or division (eg football colours, Goth, Emo, Biker, Heavy Metal or other music-related identities);
  • could cause offence (such as items which display anti-religious symbolism/political slogans/sexual innuendo);
  • advertise fashion chains, designer logos or sports’ emblems;
  • could cause health/safety difficulties (such as piercings/large items of jewellery etc);
  • display advertising, particularly for alcohol or tobacco;
  • excessively display inappropriate lapel badges;

Only formal school shirts (with top buttons) should be purchased for school.

Adapting the uniform to reflect current ‘trends’ is to be strongly discouraged: e.g fashion t-shirts, belts and scarves, leggings, trainers, jeans/‘jean like’ trousers with or without studs, shorts, culottes, ¾ length trousers, blouses, the following worn indoors - gloves, hats, hoodies, ‘zipped’, leather, denim, fur lined or trimmed, Parka style, wax or any outdoor jacket that is non DHS.  Inappropriate fashion footwear such as Converse & Dr Martin boots or shoes, Uggs etc.

Online ordering is now available -there is a link on the homepage of this website.