Pupil Council - S6

Dunblane High School is proud to have a number of elected representatives chosen from within our pupil body, by our own pupils.  Each Pupil Support Registration class has elected two representatives to serve on each year group council, with one Year Representative being elected to serve on the whole-school council.  Meetings are held on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, and pupils have the opportunity to propose ideas, discuss concerns and consider the issues affecting their peers in an organised and democratic setting.  Participation in Pupil Council serves to develop pupils’ interpersonal and presentation skills whilst endeavouring to enhance their sense of citizenship and responsibility.  With the support of a member of staff, pupils are actively involved in presenting proposals to the whole-school council and the Senior Management Team for consideration. 

It is the intention of each Pupil Council to provide an unbiased and cohesive forum through which pupils can voice opinions, concerns and ideas which will improve and enhance their experience of Dunblane High School and to positively impact the educational development of future year groups.